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Lord Byron - Original

About the Author

Alistair McHarg spent his early years in Edinburgh and Amsterdam, moving to Philadelphia with his father, Ian, and mother, Pauline, at age six. He attended Germantown Friends School, Haverford College, and the University of Louisville.

The prestige of an M.A. in Creative Writing enabled McHarg to secure employment with one of Philadelphia’s least reputable taxi cab companies, where he pulled 12-hour shifts, 6 days a week, for a year.

Other forays into dead-end employment have included deckhand on a Norwegian tramp freighter, BLM forest fire fighter in Alaska, cross-country truck driver in Colorado, and guide at a Canadian wilderness survival camp.

Alistair has been arranging words for a living since 1983. He is the author of a bipolar memoir entitled Invisible Driving, two satiric novels, Moonlit Tours and Washed Up, and a recently released poetry anthology, 50 POEMS.

In addition to a vast catalog of original cartoons, Alistair is also the creator of Taz Mopula, whose enigmatic epigrams have become an Internet staple.

All four of Alistair’s books are available from Amazon.com. To learn more about them click on the Come In We’re Open sign.

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Tristan Tzara, Marcel Duchamp & René Magritte Enter A Non-Existent Bar…

nude descending staircase

Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2 – Marcel Duchamp

Strolling through… WWW.ALISTAIRMCHARG.COM …one is inevitably struck by the austere minimalism, opulent use of white space, and painstaking attention to detail which combine to create a rarefied atmosphere at once calm, cool, and occasionally collected.

“Ultimately it’s not what you don’t say that matters most so much as how you don’t say it.” Taz Mopula

My work requires such a setting to be appreciated and, as a rule, visitors enjoy a brief respite from the nightmarish cacophony of what is laughingly referred to as modern culture.

“White is the new black, silence is the new eloquence, and obscurity is the new fame.” Taz Mopula

Taz Mopula snippets of mildly enigmatic pseudo-profundity are updated daily.

“To live happily it either is or is not essential that one learns to embrace self-contradictory concepts.” Taz Mopula

My cartoons – which precariously straddle the netherworld separating good-natured merriment from acidic, irreverent iconoclasm – are also updated daily.

“If you cannot see yourself as others see you, you will never understand why they are laughing.” Taz Mopula

Hep cats, deep thinkers, and sensitive artistes should be sure to visit the poetry alcove. Beware, poetry is powerful voodoo and best consumed in small doses. Poems are updated weekly in order to give readers time to recover.

“Without life, poetry itself would be meaningless.” Taz Mopula

Members of the press, and others with a desire to know more; can follow links to a plethora of audio, visual, and written deconstructions of my creative enterprises.

“Reality can only be found in artifice; mere facts simply aren’t honest enough.” Taz Mopula

The blog you are reading now is updated regularly and provides a repository for words too portly to be used elsewhere.

“We write to discover who we are, and in the process, become somebody else.” Taz Mopula

Our Gift Shop, conveniently called BOOKS, is always worth a visit! There you can purchase my redoubtable bipolar memoir, Invisible Driving, and my two satirical novels, Moonlit Tours and Washed Up, in paperback or digital download.

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…and the bartender says, “Pamplemousse!”