Taz Fans Share Fave Mopulisms


epigram taz

The enigmatic aphorisms of Taz Mopula are tentatively teased apart and cautiously deciphered from rugged Auchtermuchty to the shores of Bora Bora. Readers, fans, devotees and others wonder if they’re whimsical, whacked, weird, wise, or witty. We cannot say with unquestioned authority. Indeed, only one thing is certain and there is no telling what that might be.

Once unknown to only a small handful of people, Mr. Mopula is now unknown virtually wherever he goes. His signature style has become a household word, like lint. As you might imagine, fan mail pours in on a regular basis. Most of this correspondence expresses gratitude for a specific quote which has proven meaningful, even inspirational, for the writer. A few of these appear below.

“Is the Internet merely a mechanism by which alien life forms can quantify human gullibility and fatuousness?”

”After I read this, Facebook made sense for the first time!” Prunella Entwhistle, Mole Hill, Ohio

“Why pay to exercise in a gym when you can enjoy an exercise in futility for free whenever you like?”

“You helped me understand that, if I don’t exercise my rights, I lose them. The same principle should apply to pounds. Thanks!”  Biggie Schwartz, Gezundt, Minnesota

Laughter is the best medicine; except when it comes to poisonous snakebites, then it’s the second-best medicine.”

“Man! You really straightened me out with this one! When I think about how I laughed my way through that appendectomy!” Cappie Gasaway, Crooked Ankle, Oklahoma

“Whales and polar bears, yes; but you will never find intellectual sloth on the endangered list.”

“Can you imagine? Before I started reading your quotes I thought ‘slow” was the same as ‘stupid’ – now I know that a slow sloth can be smart!” Kiki Scintilla, Peroxide Falls, California

“Think twice before burning bridges; you never know when you might want to jump off one of them.”

“Speaking in terms of motivational quotes, this one is like making love on an elevator – it’s wrong on so many levels.” Zig “Pema” Robbins, Gator Breath, Louisiana

“If I could only give you one piece of advice it would be this: Do not, under any circumstances, take my advice.”

“I reflect upon this like a transparent man reflects upon two funhouse mirrors facing one another. There is no end to the lack of meaning.  Merci!” Jean Paul Insouciance, Ennui, Martinique

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