Armchair Activism: Effetes Don’t Fail Me Now


After 9/11, President Bush urged a horrified nation to visit Disneyland. This, he explained, would show terrorists that Americans couldn’t be deterred from their God-given right to pursue happiness.

“Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door. However, the mice will switch all of your street signs.” Taz Mopula

Since then, consumerism-as-political-statement has gained widespread acceptance. This notion seems uniquely American, an odd kluge of our actual religion, Capitalism, and Christianity, the religion we talk about and pretend to respect.

“The only constant is change; well, that and the resistance to change. So, actually, there are two constants.” Taz Mopula

The old sales incentive of – “the more you shop the more you save” – has been cleverly adjusted to mean – “the more stuff you buy for yourself the more giant pandas you save” – as lovely a bit of self-serving pretzel logic as you will ever find.

“New app enables users to bravely condemn global injustice and insult authority figures without budging from Barcalounger.” Taz Mopula

The idea of making social activism a convenient, spectator sport really hit high gear with the ubiquitous acceptance of so-called social networking websites. Strolling their busy, digital boulevards you are constantly assaulted by the bizarre promise that – all you need to do is “click here” and you will cure [insert social evil]. Though certain that it’s facile, cheap, lazy, and too good to be true; you just do it.

“Humans can repair mechanical problems; but machines cannot repair human problems, only manifest them in new forms.” Taz Mopula

A while back I realized something truly dreadful: people don’t have problems, people are the problem. We fall in love with technology and believe it will cure, or at least compensate for, our faults – at best all it ever does is echo them.

“The main difference between changing a mind and changing a diaper is that changing a diaper is possible.” Taz Mopula

As a rule, real change is almost always frightening, painful, difficult, and exhausting. I never changed because I wanted to, or because I thought it would make me a better person. All my growth was driven by necessity, because the choice was simple – change or die.

Anyone who believes that one nimble mouse click will save the rain forest should probably be made to wear mittens.

“Leave only footprints in the snow; their eloquent silence shows the way.” Taz Mopula

Rather than pretending to remedy the world’s ills, why not work on the tiny corner of it where you can actually make a difference?

Occupy Art: Behold Armchair Activism

Attention All Armchair Activists And Recliner Radicals

The occupy movement has come and gone, leaving only a trail of Starbucks coffee cups and disillusioned armchair activists. We must not be shocked or even disappointed to learn that this symphony of orchestrated whining accomplished absolutely nothing since it had no agenda, stated objectives, or suggestions.

However, lurking deep within the sanctimonious orgy of middle-aged, middle-class malcontents yet unready to embrace the adulthood they’d fled for decades; was a point.

These cheery nitwits drew fuel from more than mere ennui and narcissism; righteous indignation burned in their stomachs like bad Mexican food, inviting the question – Is there any such thing as good Mexican food?

How can it be, they inquired, in that charmingly innocent way of theirs, that 99% of the nation’s wealth is in the hands of only 1% of its population?

It is a fair question, but a stupid one, since the American public stood by for generations and idly watched the looting, too complacent even to vote, much less defend itself.

Far more interesting is the cultural divide, and where one stands on it.

“Never confuse fame with artistic quality, or wealth with value. Society gets what it wants, not what it needs.” Taz Mopula 

After merciless soul-searching I have come to the conclusion that in all my artistic endeavors – (novels – poetry – cartoons – tazmopulisms – essays) – I am aligned squarely with the 1% and have no interest in appealing to the 99%. Let’s do the math.

Entire U.S. population is approximately 300,000,000

Cretins 10%
Neanderthals 10%
Troglodytes 10%
Liars 10%
Racists 10%
Religious Zealots 10%
Xenophobes 10%
Illiterate 10%
Impoverished 10%
Unapologetically anti-intellectual 9%

Alistair McHarg prospects 1%  equaling approximately       3,000,000

Let it be proclaimed for all to hear that I serve the 1%; proudly!

“There is only one truly authentic way to enjoy success; that is by remaining indifferent to it.” Taz Mopula